Katie NewittSherry Walker Borchert was raised in Nashville, Tennessee and moved to Florida in 1996 with her husband Mike. Together they owned two successful Real Estate development companies.

Sherry has lived and continues to live a very full life. Growing up in Nashville with her two sisters, their parents instilled values that she carries with her to this day- honest values of hard work and humility and taught that they all could do and be anything they set their mind to. Sherry was fortunate to be surrounded with a life full of love, faith, family and friends. Some of those friends included the children of Patsy Cline and others in the music industry.

Sherry became a music developer in her early 20’s at the well-known Collins Music; where she worked with many stars including Barbara Mandrell and the Osmonds. She was also an actress in the popular country music show, Hee-Haw and performed in musicals and commercials.

In addition to Cancer Alliance of Help & Hope, Sherry is actively involved with Families First of Palm Beach County and Quantum House.


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