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Cancer Prevention Education Programs

These programs designed specifically to offer people the tools and knowledge they need to lead healthier lives. Informational presentations are offered throughout the community.

Champions of Help & Hope Basket

Cancer Alliance provides new clients stricken with cancer with a “Champions of Help & Hope Basket.” The basket of love contains a $200 gift card from a supermarket and a $50 gift card for gas, plus household and personal essentials totaling $500.

Champions of Help & Hope Closet

The closet provides cancer patients with wigs, scarfs, clothing, shoes, purses etc. to give them a boost during their time of need.

Champions of Help & Hope School Supply Drive

Provides school supplies to families and children affected by cancer.

Community Cancer Council

Cancer Alliance has created a coalition of local cancer-related groups to collaborate on common objectives. Representatives from these groups meet on a regular basis-to learn about cancer issues and programs offered by the different organizations, and to discuss how they can better support and educate families with cancer.

Companions 4 Life Fund

Cancer Alliance has rolled out our newest program that provides aid to patients struggling to keep their pets due to surmounting medical bills. This program aims to keep pets in their homes by providing funds to aid in costs of pet care, food, medical upkeep, and sudden medical bills for your furry friends.

Financial Assistance

Keeping families financially stable while cancer patients receive treatment is Cancer Alliance’s primary focus. For cancer patients who live in Palm Beach County, assistance is provided with the following everyday living expenses: Rent or mortgage, Utilities, Auto and health Insurance and Car payments.

Patient Navigator

Cancer Alliance provides comprehensive assistance for individuals and families diagnosed with cancer, to help them cope with financial struggles they are facing during a difficult time. The Patient Navigator meets with cancer patients individually to provide them with ongoing resources and referrals in the community to help them receive the best care possible.

Special Events

Cancer Alliance provides several special events each year for our Cancer Patients. A Fun Day at The Palm Beach Zoo is just one of our annual events that clients enjoy attending with their families.

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